Services Offered

Turn Key Third Party Logistics

KDC evolved from a supplier of services to the US military into a custom logistics provider servicing commercial and government entities. Since our beginning in 1998, we have been providing turn-key third party logistics for customers. KDC receives the customer’s goods and provides any care that is needed while in storage. Our experienced staff combined with the on-hand equipment and a Class-A facility can provide a turnkey 3PL logistics solution to provide the services to make the warehouse operation our focus while you focus on other parts of your operation.
  • Kit assembly and breakdown

    KDC can assemble kits for use in many industries. The components can be shipped in, selected from storage, and then kitted and stored as a kit for shipment at a later date. Similarly, previously assembled kits can be broken down to component level and stored for shipment as a component.

  • Transload

    Transloading of goods can be done utilizing a variety of inbound and outbound transportation modes. The capabilities of Port San Antonio allow this to be done efficiently.

  • Local delivery and pick-up

    KDC can make local deliveries to the San Antonio metro area and further. We will work with a customer to determine if delivery by KDC is more economical or if a commercial carrier will perform the delivery more cost effectively. Pick-ups can also be done to bring goods to KDC for storage.

  • Cross-docking

    KDC has created an area that allows cross-docking between our central receiving area and shipping so that goods can arrive, be reassembled into the outbound shipments that a customer needs, then moved to shipping for further processing.

  • Packaging

    KDC’s experience with packaging goods reaches back to our beginning as a military depot and comes forward to the present day with the packaging of goods produced on contracts for our customers and with repackaging goods for shipment in a variety of packaging methods.

  • Military standards packaging

    Military packaging brings with it a group of complex packaging instructions that range from simple protection to vapor-proof packaging for the most delicate items. This has been a core competency since we began operations.

  • Container assembly

    Along with our packaging, KDC will assemble packaging from wood and has suppliers that can create packaging of many types upon demand. Utilizing unique packaging to fill a variety of demands is a daily task.

  • Public Warehouse

    Customers needing short-term support are always welcome. KDC offers a broad range of services from unloading and resetting a truck load to short-term storage and outbound shipment carrier selection. Let our full range of services solve your immediate support requirements.

Kelly Distribution Center

Dedicated to the success of our customer, KDC has been in business at the same location since 1998. Our only business is warehousing and third party logistics. Our Class A warehouse, experienced and dedicated staff, and a variety of equipment stand ready to support you in any way you need. From warehouse space that you operate in, to standard processing such as cross-docking, all the way to turnkey third party logistics KDC is ready to work with you to define the most cost-effective method to support each customer in the unique way each customer needs.

  • Warehouse space operated by customer

    Need space to operate with your equipment and your staff, let KDC work with you to define how we can bring it together.

  • Warehouse space operated by KDC

    KDC has the staff, equipment, and experience to create a successful operation to support the unique needs you have.

  • Flexible Space use

    Need 10,000 square feet this month, 12,000 next month, and then 10,000 the following month. KDC can work with you to define a way to grow and shrink the space you need to operate in a cost effective way.

  • Bulk Storage & Narrow Aisle Rack Storage

    Both flat floor bulk storage and high bay rack storage are available. The narrow aisles in the racked space allow maximum storage with the smallest possible footprint.


5,000 lb capacity forklifts
15,000 lb capacity forklifts
14-ton yard crane
narrow aisle turret trucks
narrow aisle pickers